Charlie Celtic, Staff Writer

Shannon Withers is the Harvest Drive Coordinator for this school year.  She works at the school as Special Events and Alumni Director in the school’s Advancement Office.

She explained that the Harvest Drive “got its start in 1968 to raise funds for Providence, which was facing a serious financial crisis. To prevent Providence from closing its doors, the school held a car raffle and carnival that generated $15,000 the first year and $32,000 the following year. Encouraged by the results of this fund-raising effort, the Joliet Diocese decided to keep the doors of the school open.”

Since that time the Fall Harvest Drive has become an annual fundraising event steeped in tradition that involves the participation of the entire Providence Catholic community. Income generated through the Harvest Drive is vital to the financial stability of the school; proceeds are built directly into the school’s operating budget.  Thanks to the support from the local community and area businesses, Providence is able to keep tuition increases at a minimum and still provide an outstanding college preparatory education to its students.

How it works:  Each PCHS student is required to raise a minimum of $350, while families with two or more students at Providence are required to raise a minimum of $500. Students may reach their fundraising obligation by selling $10 raffle tickets and/or online advertising. All unsold raffle tickets should be returned by 9 am on Thursday, October 29.

Raffle tickets will be sold at $10 per ticket. Winning tickets will be drawn on Friday, October 30. The Grand Prize Raffle will be live streamed.

Harvest Drive Prize Amounts
Grand $10,000
1st * $2,000
2nd * $1,000
3rd * $500
4th * $500
5th * $200
6th * $200
7th * $200
8th * $200
9th * $100
10th * $100

Student Prizes include the Charlie Celtic Raffle for student who turn their money early.  $100 six prizes.   Student top seller prizes for individuals and families are also available for up to $5,000.