World Changes Amid COVID-19


Molly Parham ‘23, Staff Writer

When the coronavirus pandemic began in late March 2020, we all believed it would be a temporary thing. Out of school for about two weeks and then we would be right back, finishing off our 2019-2020 school year. Everyone would think “No worries it will be over by Easter”, or “As long as the quarantine is over by summertime”.  Yet here we are October 2020 still amid a pandemic and have lost thousands of people.  

The pandemic is always viewed as a negative thing, because truly it is. Thousands of lives lost, millions unemployed, plans and vacations cancelled, and being separated from friends or extended family. Although it will be a while until we return to our “normal” world, it is important to acknowledge the changes this has brought our country.  

If a year ago today you told me, “Coronavirus is getting worse” I would have thought nothing of it. Corona was just a joke me and my friends would use from TikTok, someone would cough, and we would burst laughing saying they had “Corona”. And if you asked me about masks? I would be positive I did not own one and I had only ever worn one in a hospital. Fast forward to the present, we wear masks everywhere. In the stores, to hang out with friends, to appointments, and most importantly, to school. Masks are something I would have never imagined wearing all the time in public or always to school. Although masks may be bothersome, they may be itchy or make you sweaty. Masks are a large step towards returning to our normal lives.  

Masks and social distancing are odd changes when we look back on our lives before covid. Many changes negatively affect people and our country, but it is important in a time like this to look for positives. Although back to school is a lot different this year; like two people to a lunch table and no lockers, even beginning the school year is a large step. Last year, we were e-learning 7 days a week, with no teacher help or seeing our friends in person at school, only at other activities. So, although school has changed along with our world, we should appreciate as we slowly move towards a normal life again.