XC Boys and Girls Fighting for a Chance at Regionals and Sectionals! 


Megan Whitten '22, Staff Writer

The cross-country boys and girls have beat the odds, safely managing to keep their season going strong amidst these unpredictable times. Although state has been canceled, the Celtics are still training hard for sectionals and regionals. Following safety protocols concerning wearing masks and social distancing during practice, these athletes have been able to relax from the stresses of Covid-19; they can have a good time with their friends, stay healthy, and challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Many of the runners can agree that the most physically demanding part of the sport is the meets every weekend. 

Usually, the race location switches off between different schools. However, this year, most of the races for the boys and girls have been on the same course near Providence. The Celtics, now knowing the course inside and out, are breaking their personal records almost every time, though it is known for being a “slow course.” The girls are currently focusing on 800 and mile repeats on this course during practice. The goal each week is to quicken the pace and lessen the amount of rest time between each repeat. As Coach Gura, speaking for her boys, says, “We are going to continue to practice hard so that we give ourselves a better chance to succeed at regionals.” Long runs, some now up to an hour or more, are incorporated into each week of practice. These workouts will help the athletes to build up their endurance, so they can run harder without getting as tired. 

While the season is soon coming to an end, the athletes are maintaining a positive and grateful attitude, remembering that some athletes were not as lucky as them. However, it did bring volleyball, basketball, and soccer athletes who had their seasons either postponed or canceled to join the cross-country team. These new members not only added different personality to the teams but also faster times, which will hopefully help in advancing both the boys and girls on to regionals. But regardless of how far the boys and girls make it, this has been a very bittersweet season full of unforgettable memories.