Look No Further For Socially Distant Fun!

Gaby Reyes ‘22, Staff Writer

It is no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has changed all aspects of our lives: from the way we learn and do sports and activities to even seeing family and friends. Where we used to be able to greet our friends with big hugs, we now have to air hug from six feet away. However, during these challenging times it is important that we stay connected and keep building our relationships in any way possible. If we isolate ourselves socially and neglect what it is most important, our family and friends, it can lead to lost relationships and poor mental health. We can nurture these mental, emotional, and social needs in many ways. These past eight months filled with quarantine and social change have made leeway for creative ways to have fun with friends safely and healthily. Here are a few of the best ways to cure boredom! 

  • Looking for a throwback spin on a classic movie night? Grab some snacks, blankets, a friend, and fill up your gas tank for a drive-in movie night. Enjoy some of your favorite selections on the big screen while watching from the comfort and safety of your own car. Some of the closest and best options nearby are the Chicago Drive In, MOO-V-Night, and the McHenry Outdoor Theatre. 
  • If you are hungry for lunch but missing the company of your friends, grab a blanket and your favorite foods and have a picnic in the park! 
  • Tired of being cooped up indoors all day? Put on your hiking shoes and find the nearest trails or nature preserves such as the Hickory Creek Preserve or Starved Rock. Feel the fresh air away from the cities, see beautiful sites, and get some exercise in with your friends. 
  • To get into the fall spirit, take a couple friends to a pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins. You can decorate them with your friends either outside or socially distanced indoors. 
  • This last suggestion is not a hang out suggestion but a sweet way to put a smile on a friend’s face. If you are feeling sentimental and want to show some love to your friends during these difficult times, write up a letter of appreciation or drop off a slushy on their doorstep to show them you care.