At Home Learning Tips


Maggie Parham‘22, Staff Writer

Congrats Celtics for making it through the first quarter! These past couple of months have been really hectic. When the coronavirus pandemic hit back in March, we all had a taste of what at-home learning was like. Everyone has adapted to these strange times in different ways, but it still might be quite an adjustment for some. Hopefully, some of these tips can help this upcoming quarter be even better than the last! 

The most important thing is to be organized. Whether you are full time at-home or switching between in-person and at home, you definitely need to have a system. All of our Providence teachers are using Microsoft Teams. Make sure to regularly check all of your classes Teams pages for announcements and assignments. Downloading the Teams app on your phone is super helpful for checking updates on the go. I suggest putting notifications on, so you will never miss an announcement. When you have an assignment on Teams, get it done quickly and submit so you do not forget about it. If you put off lots of assignments, it will definitely add up later. Also, make sure to routinely check your Providence email for important information from your teachers and the Providence faculty.  

Sometimes moving back and forth from at-home and in-person learning can be confusing. I have found that getting your backpack ready the night before you go in person is super helpful. That way, if you are running late in the morning you are less likely to forget a homework assignment or your mask. Always make sure to plug in your laptop! We are using our laptops more than ever with synchronous learning. If your laptop battery does not last very long, remember to bring your charger with you to school.  

When working from home, it is really easy to get distracted. Try your best to put the phone down and pay attention. If you don’t pay attention at home, your homework or class discussions the next day may be confusing. The passing periods when you work from home are really long, so designate that time to check your social media. Also make sure when you are on your Teams calls to be in a distraction free area. Focus and hard work will pay off in the end.  

Best of luck in the coming second quarter!