Entertainment in Quarantine

Entertainment in Quarantine

Marnie Moran '24, Staff Writer

During quarantine, I, like many others, picked up a few new hobbies. Of course, from the span of March to May, there was not a whole lot to do. I am usually involved in lots of sports, I love hanging out with friends, etc. These were not available to be doing at the beginning of this madness. Quarantine was a great time to pick up a few new things and to do the activities that I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do on a regular basis before.  

During this time off, my family and I played lots and lots of board games. We played a new one, which was actually a lot of fun. It’s called Play Nine. Of course, a problem soon sprouted up. We played it every day, where soon we got sick of it. I have always loved to draw, paint, and overall be a little crafty. When I say this, I don’t mean I am any good, but these are just things I liked to do in my free time. So, those were a few things I did a lot of at the start.  

When the weather started getting a little warmer, we spent so much time outside. Like, way more time than usual. My brother and I had home run derby’s with whiffle balls, played lots of basketball on the driveway, swam, and we picked up a new sport to play as well. A sport that is not that hard to learn, and it is actually a lot of fun: badminton! We had racquets, birdies, and a net. We really only used the net once, we spent most of our time trying to see how many times we could hit the birdie back and forth without it hitting the ground. Another activity that I feel like we did a lot of was riding bikes. We live right next to an old forest preserve, and my brother and I would spend afternoons riding through the old trails. It was a lot of fun and a good source of exercise.  

One last thing that I found that we did a lot of in quarantine was watch documentaries. Not like the boring ones, they were actually really interesting. Of course, on Sunday nights, my whole family would gather in the living room and watch The Last Dance. We never missed an episode. Before it came out, we watched the O.J. Simpson documentary. We started this in April, watched an episode a night, and finished it in no time.  

Little things like this really kept us busy, and in my opinion, helped make quarantine go by a lot faster. In a way, quarantine really opened up our eyes. We spent so much quality time together, learned new things, got lots of fresh air, etc.