Celebrate Safe During the Holiday Season

Molly Parham ‘23

Coronavirus has changed countless aspects of everyone’s lives. From school, work, sports, entertainment, and everything around us. With the holidays approaching, everyone may feel upset about what they are missing out on. It is important amid the pandemic that we count our blessings and enjoy the holidays, in a safe matter.  

Christmas and the holiday season are always a time of joy. Usually, filled with friends and family, old and young, including feasts, activities, gift-giving, etc. With rules mandating masks, social distancing, limited capacity, and people who experience health issues, the holidays will look a little different this year. Just because we cannot all be together in person, in large gatherings this Christmas season, that does not mean we cannot celebrate.  

Through the pandemic, many people have learned and adapted new ways of how to communicate with their loved ones without meeting in person. Websites like Zoom, Scener movie calls, Skype calls, and more, help us chat, watch movies, and reunite with our loved ones while obeying COVID-19 regulations. Rather you use these calls to see instant gift reactions or to still share holiday meals together, countless apps and websites can be used.  

Although Christmas is not for a few weeks, Christmas decorating is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 2020 has been a rough year, and the December season is always guaranteed to be joyful. Christmas lights, decorations, movies, shows, and more are sure to make for an amazing holiday, in a safe matter.