Virtual Tutoring Center

Anna Ostrowski ‘22

Last week, our school made the decision to go fully remote from November 31st until December 4th. Teachers would teach from their classroom to all the students who were online. One new way of adapting to the new schedule changes involved the tutoring center. They were able to modify their entire program to a whole new process that was all online.  

I decided to interview one of the student tutors, Taylor Issa, who is a senior at Providence, and she helped me understand how the system worked. To start it off, there was a teams channel created that had student tutors ready to provide assistance whenever needed. Of course, teachers are always there to help students with their difficulties. But this system allowed kids to communicate with other kids their age and connect with them. The student tutors would call with the student and work on complex areas of their subjects. They would help a student with the topic they were struggling in and provide all sorts of help.  

Personally, I think the way the tutoring center handled the all online period and was able to implicate a process that worked well says a lot about our school and the dedicated students that attend it. Taylor Issa said, “It is so helpful to see that there is a strong tutoring system available for kids who need it, and I’m happy to be a part of it.” The way our school has handled the new changes of the world has opened my eyes and helped me appreciate my education, teachers, and classmates more. This whole year has been a new experience to everyone one, but has definitely been a time where everyone begins to realize what they truly are grateful for in their life, and my school is definitely one of them. Overall, adapting to new experiences can be challenging, but the online tutoring center is an example of a solution well done. “It is genuinely an awesome way to get help on topics for school!” Taylor Issa told me, and I couldn’t agree more