Holiday Gift Guide

Marnie Moran '24

Christmas is coming right around the corner!  

As we storm into the holiday season, we all start to think about what to get our friends and family! We may start to worry about how much something may cost or we may be at a loss with what that person may want! Especially with CoVid, it may be harder to get out of the house so online shopping is the secondbest option!  

Something that can never go wrong is a mug! You can find super cute mugs anywhere, especially on Amazon. You can fill it with little goodies as well! Maybe buy a Chapstick, candy, a small little gift card, and a pair of socks! You can also go with a color scheme, maybe get a couple of small items that are all the same color and then fill up the mug with them! This should cost you about $35 at most!  

If that may not sound like the best idea for your family member or friend, don’t worry! If you really are at a loss, think about things that person may like! What are their favorite things? If you know what their favorite tv show is, you can always find stickers and t shirts on Amazon relating to that show or movie! You could also always go with a pair of slippers, who doesn’t love those? (They have super comfy slippers at Target for $15!) 

 At Target, and lots of other stores, they have little gift boxes. They have like gift sets for 15 dollars in the beauty section. It’s filled with all kinds of surprises! Same with Bath and Body, they have lotion and body spray sets. For teens, you could never go wrong with sweatshirt or sweatpants. Anything to stay comfy. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or store always works.  

When it comes to grandparents, I am sure they would love anything. Making a card or getting them flowers would be perfect. Maybe make a little picture collage of you and your family members. You can order and print pictures at Walgreens and CVS for a pretty decent price. They always have good deals so that definitely helps! Michaels has good photo albums for like 10 bucks! Then you can fill it up you’re your pictures however you’d like! You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a gift. Something as simple as a drawing or painting you made would make a great gift.