3…2…1…Happy New Year! 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Megan Whitten '22

Christmas is right around the corner and with that soon comes a new year! Let’s keep the stressful and negative energy in 2020, and use 2021 to better ourselves physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually! 2021 has so much potential for being exciting, but only we can make that happen!  

Below is a list of fun New Year’s resolutions to get everyone started off on the right foot. Commit to the ones that speak to you.  

  1. Go to a new restaurant once a month and try a dish that you normally would not get. If you never tried fish before, order it! If you always get cheeseburgers, try a different meat! You will be surprised by what you end up actually liking!   
  2. Read a new book every month. There are so many awesome genres, so discover which one is the most engaging for you! Is it mystery, romance, comedy, historical fiction, nonfiction?  
  3. Learn a new skill! Play that piano that has been sitting in the corner for years without being touched. Learn that language that you have always been dying to understand.  
  4. Talk to a new person every day! It boosts your confidence and social skills.  
  5. Find new ways to care for the Earth! Start recycling in your house or learn how to grow a plant. Take it a step further by planting a tree in your neighborhood or planting a garden in your backyard!  
  6. Replace some of your social media time with something to get the heart pumping! Exercise can be fun! Start small and work your way up. It feels great to know you are taking care of your body and to see your progress.  
  7. Give your mind a break! Find a ten-minute YouTube video on yoga or meditation to do every day. It is very soothing!   
  8. Make it a habit to say thank you to God for something new each day. It will change your outlook on life and strengthen your relationship with God! 
  9. Find a new prayer to say every day or try listening to a new meaningful song
  10. Spend time with those who are lonely or have less than you. Try once a month to go to a nursing home to talk to the elderly.