December Student Council Activities

Peter Conser '24

High school this year has been rough for all. From high school seniors missing some of their last football games, to first-year students not even being able to experience one, arguably one of the best experiences, of being a Celtic. We have all had a rough time during this school year. Big dances like homecoming have been cancelled, but through all this, Providence Catholic High School has remained optimistic.  

Our student council at Providence has been going above and beyond to ensure that we have some fun during this unpredictable and unfortunate year. During the third week of November, student council played hit songs over the loudspeaker, and we even had a dress down day thanks to Student Council President Katianne Soltys. But what does student council have planned for us during the next couple of months? 

Talking to student council president, senior, Katianne Soltys she talked about Christmas week. Christmas week will take place the week before finals. Although we could not gather in the gym for exciting activities and pep rallies, student council planed Christmas week. During this exciting week before finals, student council has planned contests, music, prizes, and even days where school uniforms are not mandatory. This week will hopefully offer a relief to high school students and just be a week of socially distanced fun before finals. 

 Although we do not really know when it will be safe enough to take off our face masks and go back to Providence non-remotely or blended learning, we must remain optimistic. The good old days will return, history tells us this. It is certainly not the first pandemic the world has endured and unfortunately not the last. We will be back to the masses being held in the gym, the Friday night football games, the dances like homecoming and prom, and the times when we got to hug one another and talk to our friends without remaining six feet apart. We will get through this together, growing closer to each other as a family.