How Are New Teachers Adjusting to Covid-19?

Megan Weinstock '23

This year has been an adjustment for all of us. Teachers have had to change their teaching styles, and students have had to change their routines. However, a subgroup of people in our school who have been hit hard by the rapid changes are the teachers who are new to our Providence Catholic family.  

This includes Mrs. Taylor (Ms. Kapanowski), Mr. Ristucci, Mrs. Devries, and Mr. Desherow. These teachers are not only trying to adjust to their new environment, but they are also adjusting fit the guidelines that the pandemic has brought. For some teachers they have not yet taught in other situations 

An example of this is Mrs. Taylor who teaches biology. This is her first year of teaching, and she student taught last year during the pandemic. “This chaos is essentially all I know!” She stated. Nonetheless, other people who are new to Providence seem to be having a very different experience. Other teachers such as Mr. Ristucci, who is also a new member to the science department, have had a very different teaching experience. “It could be difficult to find connections with students when half of them are behind a computer screen.” He mentioned. This year has truly been a challenge for all teachers because it is very difficult to teach effectively to all learning styles. However, teachers are still working to reach out to all students and create a great year for everyone!