Remote Learning After Break

Macy Sullivan ‘22

Due to cases of Coronavirus being back on the rise in nearby areas of Illinois and the approaching cold and flu season rolling in, Providence has chosen to go to a full week of online school after Thanksgiving Break. The school is still deciding how long Providence will stay fully online for and whether we will go back before Christmas. Unfortunately, we have to take things by the moment and are unsure of our future schedule for the next few weeks. What will happen for the rest of this quarter? Will we have finals? Will we be going back? A lot of undecided questions are about the only thing known in the current moment.  

This may cause some feelings of anxiety to rise, but do not worry or feel alone because many classmates are having a similar experience. Based on statements from your peers, a lot of people are feeling equally stressed out and annoyed with the situation. We must remember to support one another as a Providence family.  

The best way to relieve any anxious feelings you might is to communicate with peers, teachers, and counselors who are feeling the same way and understand. Teachers and counselors are working very hard to make this transition as easiest as possible. For example, there will now be teacher office hours available after lunch during TDT periods where you can contact your teachers for any help you might need on work and learning material. Counselors are also working on making their selves more available to help students individually with any issues they may have with online school. This is a challenge for all of us and we must remember we are not alone weather we are in school or at home.