December Horoscopes

Ashley Chaveriat '21


Jan 21-Feb 19

Aquarius, this time has been a little difficult for you. Not just the pandemic, but you have been feeling off. However, the stars have aligned and your time to shine is upon us. You will feel a pull to philosophy and begin questioning the big topics. Just as always, you will experience bumps in the road, but these are minor to the impact you will make on the world.  Do not worry about drifting from those closest to you, you are great at making others feel welcomed. Do something personal for a friend, and you will make an iconic duo! Lucky Number: 27



Feb 20-Mar 20

Pisces, just like Aquarius, you will prosper during this upcoming month! The universe has plotted your great story, so do not feel left out or afraid. Trust in what you believe in, and you will come out victorious. Speaking of which, believe in yourself! You must be confidant to take on what you are called to. Are you going to become an academic success? Which college and/or career is perfect for you? Well, you need not stress because the answer will come to you. You are like a fish swimming in an ocean—you are in an ocean of possibilities and just need to look around! Lucky Number: 14



Mar 21-Apr 20

Aries, you are a natural leader, so you usually have a packed schedule. The holidays tend to get stressful, but especially for you. Take time for yourself and consider your deadlines and responsibilities. Are some more immediate? Are some self-inflicted? It is easy to feel overwhelmed and distance yourself; however, reach out to a friend! This month shows upcoming confidence. Think about new opportunities coming your way or take that first step towards exciting adventures! You will find luck in mysterious places but beware of confronting others with blunt conversations or gossiping with distrusting people. Lucky Number: 10




Apr 21-May 21

Taurus, quarantine has been hard on you. You thrive in the outdoors and most likely missed the chance to enjoy the spring, summer, and fall weathers. The speed of the November has prepared you for December. Go outside to find your peace or spend time doing an athletic activity. Additionally, go outside of yourself. Do not let the winter make you cold and distant, recognize that others have feelings and wish to make that known. Be open and compassionate. Lucky Number: 18



May 22-Jun 21

Gemini, you are a very free-spirited person. You are always on the move and love to discover something new. Therefore, take that chance this month! Search for lively conversations and you will find powerful relationships. This time will take you on a thoughtful journey, but who knows how long that will last. Reign in that exploratory feeling and channel it to create that project you have been thinking about but did not have time to complete. You will not be meeting tons of new people, but that is okay because it gives you the chance to develop a closer relationship with those you already know. Lucky Number: 2



Jun 22-Jul 22

Cancer, your artistic side is shining through. However, this is a more visual art. Do you want to start painting? Begin a sculpture? Now is the time! Do not create your art for the pleasure of others, it is wonderful to make something just for your happiness. Speaking of your happiness, you are very compatible with happy tears for the next few moons. There is an award or reward coming your way, and you will discover whether it is a physical or mental one. Whatever it is, share it with others. You will find connections in unexpected places! Lucky Number: 21



July 23-Aug 23

Leo, you are on fire! Some may say you have moxie or be surprised by you, but you are a force to be reckoned with. As a performer, you are constantly searching for something to do to show off your arsenal of talents. This month, why not start a podcast? Or perhaps you want to perform on a social stage, in that case, do that thing that you have been scared to. You are not a stranger to taking leaps, especially when it comes to new experiences, changing your appearance, or stepping up when others do not. So, take that leap on whichever stage suits you best. Happy performing! Lucky Number: 24



Aug 24-Sept 22

Virgo, to be honest, this is not your month. It is alright, because that simply means that it will be a relaxing time to see what you can work on. You are already a very exciting and spontaneous person to be around, so your energy will make up for that. You definitely have something that you have been working on, a surprise perhaps? If so, then it is time to unleash that! Enjoy your time off and be content in knowing that you need to save up for when your opportunities come! Lucky Number: 26



Sept 23-Oct 22

Libra, have you been feeling restless lately? Is your schedule becoming busier than usual; have you been asked to take up more responsibilities? Do not stress too much because your moment of stability is coming. You will be able to enjoy your peace. Since you will be feeling so well, spend some tranquil time with a Virgo, who will be experiencing something similar. In the iconic words of Nicky Minaj, “I love libras!”. She must have known that Libras are different from the rest in a good way. You like to focus on the important and real things, so do just that! Maybe a connection, or even a romantic relationship, is coming your way. Good luck! Lucky Number: 16



Oct 23-Nov 21

Scorpio, your time of isolation is behind you. Were you hiding in your “lair”, as Scorpios are known to do? Not anymore, you will awaken with success and accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Just like Pisces, you are in an ocean of possibilities and just need to look around. Spend some time searching and get to know yourself and those around you, and you may find that new opportunity from a stranger. If someone approaches you with an idea, take considerable time and thinking to reflect. Then respond, and your response will tell you how the rest of this month will take place for you. You got this! Lucky Number: 23



Nov 22-Dec 21

            Sagittarius, congratulations! You have been working hard on something, and that was paid off! Those around you have recognized your achievements, and they are celebrating with you! But one can see that you are not finished yet, like a Leo, you have a fire in you. You know that there are so many possibilities as long as you set your mind to it. What is awaiting you, something with the performing arts? You are definitely creating a project; perhaps you should look to Leo to set the example! Collab with two other people who fit your vibe and rejoice in your outcomes! Have a blast! Lucky Number: 5



Dec 22-Jan 20

            Capricorn, you have been inquisitive lately. You are on the brink of a discovery and know that something is coming your way. Do not feel too out of place or incompetent, as it is easy to give up and not realize what is ahead of you. Perhaps you could help a Cancer figure out their journey, and then you will discover your own! Keep asking your questions and searching for answers without letting anyone hold you back! Happy hunting! Lucky Number: 20