February Horoscopes


Paige Shepherd ‘23

Hi friends! Can you believe we’ve made it to February already? 2021 has been pretty hectic so far, and both big and little changes have been happening for every sign. Now that we’ve moved past the first fast-paced month of the new year, this month is the time to really lean into those changes we’ve been experiencing. Read below for the horoscopes of individual signs!

Aries – Over the past several months, you have had the opportunity to take life at a slower pace than you are used to. Although you may feel like you’re chomping at the bit to get back to life at its normal pace, don’t forget to carry with you the patience and peace you’ve come to know recently. It will serve you well when making decisions.

Taurus – Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone this month! Maybe take up a new club or activity, start learning a new language, read an exciting new book, or watch a TV show that isn’t in your normal genre. It can be hard to break out of your shell, but you just might discover something new about yourself.

Gemini – Balance isn’t something that you find easily, and this month you may struggle with it. However, there will be a few days this month when you feel perfectly centered and at peace, both personally and in your work. Examine these days and see what you could change in your daily life to make balance a little easier.

Cancer – Don’t let others drain you this month. As Cancers, you’re very good at being motherly and helping others, but you must remember to take time for yourself as well. This month take some personal days to reflect on possibly setting some boundaries regarding giving of yourself to other people.

Leo – Don’t forget to bring your friends along for the ride this month. You often get swept up in the excitement of life and forget others along the way. This month remember to take others along as you go, as they will offer viewpoints you hadn’t considered and make life twice as exciting!

Virgo – This month, try letting your emotional side show to those who are close to you. You love to find your place through your analytical nature, but when you let loose the emotions that you don’t like to show often, you can create very special bonds with others. Don’t be scared to give compliments and show support to the ones you love!

Libra – This month, continue the path of that new pursuit or new idea that you’ve found this year! In your head, you are telling yourself that it will be a waste of time, even though you keep being drawn to it, but don’t give in to yourself. Whatever it is that you’ve found is going to serve you well soon if you keep at it.

Scorpio – The past several months have forced you to face who you truly are on the inside. Try making those little changes that you feel need to be made to your look or routine to truly express what you have discovered about yourself. There’s always room for change, and if you don’t like something, you can always change it!

Sagittarius – Although you often find yourself taking a backseat on things, try being bold this month. That doesn’t necessarily mean do something crazy but try something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Maybe try some self-care, like a nice bath, or even create something artistic.

Capricorn – You may be entering into this month with some apprehension, as you don’t have an exact plan laid out. Remember, you don’t need to! Let life take you where it will this month. You have a solid personality and you never show yourself to be anything more than you are. Other people will recognize this, and life will take you to new heights.

Aquarius – This month, tap into the dreamy and creative side of your nature. You often like to use this side of yourself, but you never truly let it all loose. This is your time to let loose all that creativity and turn it into something beautiful and truly unique to you!

Pisces – This month, Pisces, you are going to be woken from your dreamy state by something important to you. It might make you uncomfortable or drag you out of your comfort zone slightly, but don’t be scared! Embrace the newfound situation you’re faced with and try taking the lead.