Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Kate Koszulinski ‘21

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Especially during these stressful times, we could all use a little extra love. What better way to show your appreciation for your loved ones by getting them a little something! Here are a few gift ideas and actions you can take to put a smile on your family’s, friend’s, or significant other’s face!

Get your mom some roses!
– Get your brother or sister a teddy bear!
– Get your pets some new treats or a new toy!
– Get your family their favorite chocolate!
         – Some examples are Dove, Hershey, Lindor, Ferrero Rocher, Ghirardelli.
– Get your sister or mom a new necklace!
– Get your brother his favorite candy!
– Get your grandparents a sentimental card!
– Get your parents a picture frame with you and your siblings in it!
– Give them a hug!
– Say thank you to your parents for working hard during these times! 

– Treat your friends to a movie!
Bake your friends some cookies!
– Share a box of chocolate!
Send them anonymous appreciation notes!
Treat your friends to a milkshake!
Make them some warm hot chocolate!
– Buy them some roses!  

Significant Other
– Buy her a new necklace, bracelet, or earrings!
– Buy her/him a new hoodie!
– Buy her/him some flowers!
– Buy her/him chocolate!
Buy her a big teddy bear!
– Buy him a video game gift card!
– Buy her a gift card to the nail salon!
– Share your favorite candy together!
– Get meaningful cards!
– Go see a movie!
         – Many of the theaters are finally open again!
– Go get ice cream!
Go to a nice restaurant together! 

– Don’t forget about self-love!
– You don’t need to wait for someone else to get you flowers! Buy some flowers for yourself!
– Take a bath!
– Take a nap!
– Buy yourself your favorite chocolate, candy, or both!
Watch a movie!
– Bake your favorite dessert!
Do anything else that makes you happy!