Back to School! 

Elise Stoub ‘24, staff writer

Welcome back, Celtics! We are so glad and excited to see your (masked) faces this year! Because of the drastic change from last school year to this school year, we have interviewed two individuals, one student and one faculty member, to give their advice, tips, and opinions for this school year. 

We had sophomore student Kailee O’Gorman answer questions about this upcoming year: 

What are your goals for this year? 

Kailee: “My goals for this year include improving my GPA, being more focused, choosing classes wisely, creating a good balance of school and life, and finally to get more sleep.” 

Would you prefer hybrid learning like last year or all in-person learning like this year? 

Kailee: “Personally, it was nice not having to go to school every day during hybrid but going to school every day has improved my grades and has given me the chance to make more friends.”  

What are you most excited about for this year? 

Kailee: “I’m mostly excited to meet new people since, because of COVID, I was unable to meet half of my classmates. I am also excited to attend all the sports games I can.” 

Because you are a sophomore and you did not have the full high school experience your freshman year, how are you liking high school this year? 

Kailee: “High school is hard if you procrastinate and don’t study, but high school can be fun and easy if you stay focused. Overall, I am really enjoying it. I got to go to my first high school football game, that I had an absolute blast at. The environment is just very positive at school.” 


We also asked Mrs. Stoub in the English department about the new school year: 

What are you most excited about for students this year? 

Mrs. Stoub: “Being all back together. Especially for the sophomores, who haven’t gotten the chance to meet their other half of the class until now.” 

How do you think an online and an in-person environment differ for students, and what do you think is most helpful to them? 

Mrs. Stoub: “I think being online is distracting for students, and difficult topics become more difficult for students to comprehend when they are online. Being in person gives us an opportunity to discuss and have interactions.” 

What is your goal for this year? 

Mrs. Stoub: Since I primarily teach sophomores, my goal is to do activities that will help unify their class so that they get to know each other.” 

Do you have any advice for students this year? 

“My advice would be to get involved. Because we didn’t have as many of the activities, extracurriculars, and sports that we have going on this year, now is your chance to become involved in your school.”