Macy Sullivan ‘22 , staff writer

Your monthly horoscopes are in Providence! What’s in store for you this month? 

Aries-  This month Aries you will be pushed to speak your mind and make bold choices. Don’t be afraid to voice yourself but also remember to consider others.   

Taurus-  Taurus, you will be able to express yourself creatively and deal with problems easily. You will see things in a new light and be able to share your good spirits with others   

Gemini-  You may be noticing some bumps in the road this month Gemini. Just remember to not worry so much about the little things and take a breath. You are wise so work smarter, not harder.  

Cancer-   This month Cancer you will find a new sense of patience within yourself. Remember to listen before you speak and not get so involved in petty acts and little conflicts.  

Leo-  Leo, this month you will come in contact with many new people and objects. Whether it be a new friendship or a pair of jeans don’t forget to determine if you need it in your life right now. Don’t overwhelm yourself.  

Virgo-  This month is about a lighter you, Virgo. You will find those mornings will be less stressful, the school day won’t drag on, and peers will be easier to communicate with. Try to continue this good mojo into next month.  

Libra-  Show off a little this month Libra. You have accomplished some great things recently, even if they feel small or irrelevant. You deserve a little spotlight so don’t fear owning your skills and strengths.  

Scorpio-  Scorpio, take a break. Step back from that problem and find a new way to fix it. You have all the tools you need on hand so just take a different approach. Things will work out eventually.  

Sagittarius-  Accomplish small task this month Sagittarius. You have got creative energy and all-around good feelings so use them to complete some small goals without draining yourself. You will be surprised how quickly they add up. 

Capricorn-  Capricorn, stop worrying about others so much. What you think and feel is important, and you should not hold it in to shelter others. Don’t try to put it nicely or dance around the idea, just say it and get your point across.   

Aquarius-   This month Aquarius, find something new. Throw yourself in the deep end, you won’t drown. Change a routine, explore new options, or learn something different. You are ready for a new task and to take the next step so challenge yourself.