Maggie Parham ‘22 , staff writer

After winning the state championship last year, the Providence Catholic Band has a lot to live up to. Of course, the team is up to the challenge. The band has been perfecting and crafting their show since earlier this summer in Band Camp. The ensemble spends long, strenuous days learning the music, mastering the choreography, and developing a stunning show, all while lifting heavy instruments. The Marching Band and Color Guard are some of the most dedicated kids in the entire school.  

This year, the Providence Band presents a show based on the tragic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. “Orpheus and the Underworld,” tells the story of Orpheus, an incredibly talented musician, as he journeys to the realm of Hades for the opportunity to see his recently deceased lover, Eurydice. Entranced by his music, Hades offers Orpheus the opportunity to take Eurydice back to the mortal realm, as long as Orpheus is patient and trusting and does not look back at her. As Orpheus makes it out of the land of the dead, he turns back too soon, and Eurydice is sent back to the Underworld forever. Juniors Paige Smart and Cecilia Santschi star as Orpheus and Eurydice respectively. The Marching Celtics bring this classic myth to life with their stunning music and excellent flag-work. 

Local bands have recently been reminded of the immense skill of the Providence Catholic Band. The Band swept at the Lancer Joust Invitational, receiving Best Music, Best Visuals, Best Percussion, Best Color Guard, and were titled Class 1A Champions! The team has already had a fantastic start to their season. Senior Wyatt Goorsky is “beyond thrilled” at the teams past and current accomplishments and cannot wait to see what this year brings. Celtics, make sure to keep an eye out for future band wins!