Megan Whitten ‘22 , staff writer

 Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to studying? Are you not getting the grades you want on tests or quizzes? Are you struggling to retain the material that you have learned? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then continue reading on to learn some of the best studying tips to help remedy these problems! 

  • Planning can prevent you from cramming the night before a test. 
  • You can start by marking what days on your calendar you are busy to determine which nights you have the most time to study. 
  • Remove distractions from your environment.  
  • It can help to put your phone in a different room for an hour while you study. 
  • Make your environment fun! 
  • Playing some of your favorite music quietly in the background while you study might give you exactly the motivation you need. 
  • Use the scientifically proven SQ3R Method. 
  • Survey: Get an idea of the material by skimming through the titles and definitions of passages. 
  • Question: Ask questions to see how much you know or remember about the material. 
  • Read: Thoroughly read the material and keep your questions in mind. 
  • Recite: Quiz yourself by trying to list as much as you can remember. 
  • Review: Go over your notes again and reread the material. 
  • Find a study method that works for you! 
  • You can highlight key terms, create a Quizlet, or make flashcards. 
  • Try teaching the material to your friends. 
  • Being able to explain concepts to others is one of the best signs that you understand the material. 
  • Give yourself breaks. 
  • It is important to step away to clear your mind so that you do not get burned out or feel overwhelmed. 
  • Try your best to pay attention in class and take notes. 
  • If you don’t understand what the teacher means, ask questions or talk to them after class. 
  • Add helpful diagrams to your notes. 
  • Dedicate 30 minutes each day to studying. 
  • This will help you to retain the information better and prevent cramming the day before the test. 
  • Even though it is difficult, sleep is crucial to being able to process and remember information.