Clubs and Activities 

Michael Giacomo ‘25 , staff writer

Providence Catholic High School offers a plethora of clubs and extracurricular activities. There are over thirty clubs that a student may participate in at all grade levels. These clubs range from being academically based, entertainment based, or community based. Some clubs and extracurricular activities include International Club, eSports, and Habitat for Humanity.

There are multiple benefits for a student who participates in a club or extracurricular activity. One of the main benefits is being in a community of people who share the same interests. Clubs help students to branch out, extend their interests, and broaden their friend group. Clubs give a student a chance to be social. This may build long-term friendships.

A second benefit is an increase in teamwork and social skills. Clubs and extracurricular activities are a chance to communicate with others. Some also require the use of teamwork. For example, eSports requires a student to team-up with other students to help complete a game or compete in a competition. Teamwork is an important skill that a student will use throughout the rest of their school and business careers.

A third benefit is the chance to learn something new. If students branch out and try new activities, they may be able to find something new that they enjoy. Whether it is the Pop Culture Club or the Math Team, Providence has a club for every student.