Peter Conser ‘24 

When walking the halls of PCHS, I see many familiar faces, such as friends and past and current teachers. However, I also see plenty of new faces. Some of these smiling faces are the new faculty and staff. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the new staff members, Mrs. Gaughan. 

Mrs. Gaughan teaches Honors Biology and SE/ED to freshman and sophomore students. When asking Mrs. Gaughan about her favorite thing so far at Providence Catholic High School, she told me that the amazing students in her classes were easily her favorite. Moreover, she loves to be able to teach them science and is extremely excited to watch them grow this year. I then asked her what she finds hardest about teaching in a global pandemic. She told me that last year, she found it hard to build a sense of “community” in her classes. However, this year already feels much more different and normal in the sense that students can work in groups and start building a sense of “classroom community” with one another. 

Some other fun facts about Mrs. Gaughan are that she has four kids, (including one that attends the Providence Catholic Children’s Academy) and her family are Cubs, Bears, and Notre Dame football fans. She is also a round cheese pizza lover and loves to watch her kids compete on all their current sports teams. Some things that Mrs. Gaughan likes to do in her free time include running and spending time participating in outdoor activities with her family. The Providence Catholic community is pleased to welcome all of the new faculty and staff and cannot wait to see what is accomplished this year.  

Photo – Welcome our newest faculty and staff members Brother David Relstab (Pastoral), Nicole Gaughan (Science), and Joanna Martino (English).  Not pictured is Deacon Joe Roccasalva (Mathematics).