Christmas Break Book Recommendations


Katherine Timm '25, staff writer

As the weather gets cold and Christmas Break approaches, you may be on the lookout for some new books. These books feature adventure, mystery, activism, and a little bit of romance. These books really do have something for everyone!

First, there’s The Assignment by Liza Weimer. The book features best friends Cade Crawford and Logan March, who are seniors at Riviere High School in upstate New York. Their World Governments teacher, Mr. Bartley, asks the class to debate the Nazi’s Final Solution. Cade and Logan believe that the debate is immoral, so they campaign for an alternate assignment. As they try to get the debate canceled, they receive criticism from the school’s administration and their classmates, fall in love, and discover a huge secret about Cade’s family. The book is told through Cade and Logan’s perspectives but also features the opinions of their classmates and teachers. Fast-paced, relatable, and thought-provoking, The Assignment has been featured on BookTok. This book is a fantastic read for anyone interested in realistic fiction or social issues.

For those interested in a little more history, there’s Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz. This book starts when Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler attends a dance her mother hosts to help Eliza and her sisters, Peggy and Angelica, find husbands. Eliza is more interested in aiding the Revolutionary War than dancing, but she goes anyway and meets Colonel Alexander “Alex” Hamilton, who has been sent to put Eliza’s father on trial. Two years later, Eliza and Alex meet again. At first, she can’t stand him, but soon, they start seeing each other more often and fall in love. Eventually, Mrs. Schuyler has Eliza engaged to Henry Livingston. Alex needs to tell Eliza that he loves her before it’s too late. This book is humorous, the characters are well-rounded, and the story has a way of holding your attention. Fans of Hamilton or the Revolutionary War will love this book. It’s also worth noting that this is the first book in a trilogy.

Finally, there’s The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert. The book starts when two African American teens, Duke and Marva, go to vote on Election Day. Duke has registered to vote, but his name isn’t on the voting list. Marva meets him and decides to help him vote, so they skip school and drive all over town to find a place where Duke can vote. Along the way, they talk about themselves. Duke’s brother died a few years ago, and Marva is having trouble with her boyfriend. As the two try to resolve their problems, Marva’s cat, Selma, goes missing, and Duke and Marva start to fall in love. They have until the end of the day to help Duke vote, find Selma, and express their feelings for each other. This book is written from Duke and Marva’s perspectives and includes flashbacks from both of them. The book seems like a simple story at first, but more information about the two is revealed later in the book, making the story complex and engaging. This book is great for anyone interested in politics or romance.

December is a time of surprises as each day brings us closer to the holidays. Hopefully, these reads will help make this winter a little more enjoyable.