The Top Five Best Binge-Worthy Shows and Movies to Watch on Your Christmas Break


Michael Giacomo ’25, staff writer

Christmas break is an enjoyable time for everyone. It is when we can spend time with family and friends. Sometimes, we just need to relax and escape to the safety of our TV or streaming platform. Whether you are stuck at a family gathering with your ten seven-year-old cousins or bored out of your mind, here are the top five best binge-worthy movies and TV shows to watch on your Christmas break.

#5: Home Alone

Home Alone is such an amazing and iconic movie. The movie is about a boy named Kevin who is left home alone when his parents forget him at the house when they leave with their large family on a vacation. Kevin sets up weird and memorable traps to stop stupid thieves from breaking into the house. This movie is very funny, and I could spend hours watching it every time Christmas break comes around.

#4: DC’s Stargirl 

DC’s Stargirl is a very well-made and interesting show. It is about a girl named Courtney Whitmore who is chosen by Starman’s staff to be a superhero. In season one, Courtney teams up with her stepfather Pat, a former sidekick of the Justice Society of America, and other lonely high school kids to defeat the Injustice Society of America. In season two, Courtney and her team must go through troubles to defeat the infamous Eclipso. This is an action-packed and eventful show that you will not be able to stop watching.

#3: Marvel’s WandaVision 

WandaVision is just an amazing show. It was the first show I watched when I got my Disney+ subscription. Wanda Maximoff creates this fictional world where she lives with Vision throughout different decades, starting in the 1950s. She ends up fighting Agatha, an evil witch, and Wanda destroys the imaginary world. This show is amazing, and I highly recommend binge-watching it.

#2: A Charlie Brown Christmas 

A Charlie Brown Christmas is another iconic movie that I watch every Christmas. We all know the story and have seen it several times. It is all about Charlie Brown celebrating Christmas with his sad Christmas tree. The movie is just so nostalgic that you will just have to watch it every Christmas, no matter your age.

#1: Spiderman 

The original Spiderman from 2002 is my favorite movie of all time. Starring Tobey Maguire as Spiderman, this movie is fantastic. Spiderman must defeat the Green Goblin while also balancing his life as Peter Parker. There is a perfect balance of action, family, and romance. I have seen this movie five times in only a few years and I will watch it again soon. I highly recommend this movie.