Holiday Fun for Family and Friends!


Megan Whitten '22, staff writer

Christmas is right around the corner, but before you get caught up in the stress of shopping and buying Christmas presents, here are some exciting activities that you can do to spend time with your family and friends!

  • Try baking a new dessert! You can make Christmas cookies with your grandma or build a gingerbread house with your younger sibling!
  • Check out Christmas lights near you! There are beautiful Christmas lights in the New Lenox Commons, with free cookies, popcorn, and hot chocolate!
  • Watch some classic Christmas movies with your friends! You can never watch Elf or Home Alone too many times.
  • Take a day to relax with your family by drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie in front of the fire!
  • Write letters to Santa with your cousins or siblings!
  • Color a cute Christmas picture!
  • Build a gigantic snowman when it snows!
  • Go ice skating! There are cool indoor rinks and outdoor rinks!
  • Make your neighbors laugh by going Christmas caroling with your friends!
  • Help your mom or dad decorate the house for Christmas!
  • Host a secret Santa party!
  • Try a new Christmas Starbucks drink or baked good!
  • Decorate Christmas cards for your relatives!
  • Buy and decorate a Christmas tree!
  • Go sledding with your siblings!
  • Listen to Christmas music!
  • Drive around with your family to look at all the cute neighborhood lights!
  • Donate some of your toys to a local drive!
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen!
  • Write a letter to a soldier away from home!