Peter Conser '24, staff writer

It is that time of year again, and unfortunately, I am not talking about Christmas, I am talking about finals week. Being one of the most stressful times of the year, finals week has put us all in a little panic this year. From freshmen taking their first-ever finals to sophomores taking a final in almost all of their classes unlike last year, and to the juniors and seniors who are now returning to the “normal” final experience. However, there are numerous tips and tricks that I will share with you to help you get through this finals season.

  1. Start your studying early! It is important to start reviewing notes and other material a couple of weeks before finals, that way you are not cramming as much when it comes time for finals week.
  2. Do not over-study! One of the biggest issues with almost all high schoolers is that they will most likely attempt to overstudy, which in turn will cause a ton of stress, and may end up affecting you and your final grade negatively.
  3. Get enough sleep! Remember, even though it is finals week, does not mean that you should stay up studying extremely late.
  4. Remember, it is still the holiday season! Although it is finals week, remember that Christmas is still right around the corner, and finals do not mean everything.
  5. Relax! Teachers know that you do not remember the lessons that you learned at the beginning of the year perfectly. Make sure you put your trust and faith in them, and everything will be fine.

I hope these five helpful tips and tricks help you get through your finals week! Best of luck and have a happy holiday!