Gift Giving Guide


Molly Parham ‘23, staff writer

A gift-giving guide is certainly difficult to make for people at this age. Everyone has different favorites and wants. We all have different preferences and topics we like. Whether you are wanting the new Dyson air wrap, new sports equipment, or solely want gift cards and money, gift-giving and receiving is such a fun aspect of the holiday season.

Giving gifts to friends and family is extremely exciting. Seeing the reactions of the recipient is such an interesting experience. Whether it be an emotional response, a huge thankful hug, or a laughing attack at a comedic gift, reactions to gifts are priceless. Considering these reactions, a great gift is needed. Sometimes the greatest gifts are homemade. Not only are they cheaper, but they are also more personalized and heartwarming. A personalized gift can be lots of things. Whether you are making a homemade treat or a personalized belonging, a fan favorite is the Spotify song frames. Typically, these DIY gifts are easy to make.

Think about the person you are buying for when thinking about creating a gift or making a purchase. What does this person enjoy? What is their favorite color? Questions like these help make the gift-giving decision easier. For example, a friend who plays sports will appreciate active gear more than a friend who loves to read, who may want the newest novel. If this person loves to have the latest tech, the new iPhone or new Apple watch are great options.

When getting a gift for someone, don’t overthink it. Whoever you are buying for will be thankful no matter what. Put a little thought into it, and they are sure to be appreciative. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!