Sweethearts Dance

Molly Parham ‘23, staff writer

As February begins, the Valentines events and atmosphere have begun to kick in. Whether your’re buying chocolates and gifts, or seeing a little more red, pink, and heart-shaped goods everywhere, February is a month filled with lots of great things.

Here at Providence, there are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s. Sometimes students get a dress down in red or pink, or maybe you and your friends bring candy to lunch, but the most well-known celebration is that of the Sweethearts Dance. This year on Saturday, February 12th, the 2022 sweethearts dance will be in full swing!

The dance itself is sure to be a blast, as it always is. The sophomore and freshman class will be attending their first ever Sweethearts, as well as this only being the second for the juniors. We lost out on so many events and dances amid Covid-19, so the opportunity to participate in them now is that much more exciting. Everywhere you go as of late, you hear people planning this dance. People debating between dresses, posting about the latest person that asked someone, or simply about their excitement!

So much work goes into this dance, the school has to deal with planning décor, snacks, music, etc. While us students fret about what to wear, where to take photos, and most of all, who to nominate for our class sweetheart! Whichever 4 people from each grade receives the most votes, will be nominated. These people on the day of the dance will receive flowers, as well as get to run up the aisle with their date, or one of their friends. No matter who is chosen, it is a great experience for the nominee and the class alike!