The Top 3 Best Agatha Christie Novels to Read on Cold, Snow-filled Days 


Michael Giacomo ’25, staff writer

During a recent snow day and the days afterward, I kept pondering about a good novel to read. I have found a lot of interest in genres such as memoirs, science fiction, and especially, historical fiction. However, I was constantly reminded of one of my favorite genres: mystery. There are many famous mystery authors, but one of my all-time favorites is Agatha Christie. I love the exciting stories and the astounding, complex characters. Here are my top three favorite Agatha Christie novels I feel you should read on your next snow day.

#3: Murder on the Orient Express 

Many people have heard of this book or have probably seen one of the many various movies made on this book. The main detective in the story is Hercule Poirot. On a train trip to London, Hercule Poirot experiences the death threats and murder of Ratchett. The murderer cannot escape, however, because heavy snowfall has blocked the train from moving. Hercule Poirot studies the evidence, learns that Ratchett was not who he claimed to be and that this was all linked to a devastating crime in the past.

I loved this novel because of the explicit detail and the amazing storyline. The mystery always makes you want to keep reading. The characters are great and well developed, and the novel is just so interesting. This book should go on your must-read list.

#2: Three Blind Mice and Other Stories 

This novel consists of many of Agatha Christie’s short stories. The main story, Three Blind Mice, is amazing and suspenseful. It is about a murder in an old guest house run by Molly and Giles Davis. This story is so suspenseful it is hard to put the book down. This is one of my favorite stories in this novel. However, you still have the exciting other stories to read when you are done diving into the first one. The fact that there are many excellent stories in this novel makes it a must-read.

#1: And Then There Were None (Also known as Ten Little Indians)

This book is one of my favorite novels of all time. I just could not put the book down. I love this novel and the amazing storyline. Ten people are invited to this mansion on an island, all thinking they are going to work there. Turns out that is not the case. All ten members do not know any of the other workers and the hosts are nowhere to be found. The only people there are Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers, the housekeeper and the butler. One by one, people start to get murdered. The killer feels he or she is doing it justly because everyone has a dark past. However, the killer is never who you think it is going to be. To find out who the killer is, you must read this novel!

There you have it. Here are my top three favorite Agatha Christie novels. Agatha Christie was an author who wrote incredible novels and whose work will always be read and remembered.