Top 20 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Weather!


Megan Whitten '22, staff writer

We have had a lot of snow recently, and while it can be a hassle, it can definitely also bring so many creative indoor and outdoor activities. Here are some awesome ways you can take advantage of the winter season in Chicago!

  1. Go skiing at a ski resort near you or in a neighboring state!
  2. Take your siblings out to go sledding!
  3. Master making homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows!
  4. Read a book by the fire!
  5. Buy new fluffy socks to keep your feet warm!
  6. Build a snowman or an igloo!
  7. Go ice-skating with your friends!
  8. Binge watch a new tv series!
  9. Bake gingerbread cookies!
  10. Try a fun photoshoot in the snow!
  11. Drive a snowmobile!
  12. Have a movie night with your friends!
  13. Learn to snowboard on a snowy hill by your house!
  14. Have a board game night!
  15. Take a hike in the snow!
  16. Volunteer at a soup kitchen to help those suffering in the cold!
  17. Do a mini spa day for yourself!
  18. Have a dance party!
  19. Play videogames with your siblings!
  20. Try painting a winter setting!