Harvest Drive Olympians compete at the Harvest Drive Olympics

Harvest Drive Office,

Thank you Celtics for making the 2019 Harvest Drive a huge success! Our fundraising goal this year was $285,000. With everyone’s help, we have been able to raise $286,642. The grand total for Harvest Drive may continue to increase with money that comes in late and money that is forthcoming for ad listings.

Did you know that the PCHS Fall Harvest Drive was initiated in 1968 in an effort to raise funds for Providence, which was facing a serious financial crisis? To prevent Providence from closing its doors, the school held a car raffle and carnival that generated $15,000 the first year and $32,000 the following year. Encouraged by the results of this fund-raising effort, Bishop Blanchette made a decision to keep the doors of the school open.

Since then, the Fall Harvest Drive has become an annual mandatory fundraising event that involves the participation of the entire Providence Catholic community. Income generated through the Harvest Drive is vital to the financial stability of the school; proceeds are built directly into the school’s operating budget.  Thanks to the support from the local community and area businesses, Providence is able to keep tuition increases at a minimum and still provide an outstanding college preparatory education to its students.

Harvest Drive 2019 results!

  • Grand Prize: $10,000—O. DiCola
  • 1st Prize: $2,000—L. Gacek
  • 2nd Prize: $1,000—B. Jeffries
  • 3rd Prize: $500—K. Sullivan
  • 4th Prize: $500—C. Jablonski
  • 5th Prize: $200—D. Clarke
  • 6th Prize: $200—D. Clarke
  • 7th Prize: $200—M. Kozol
  • 8th Prize: $200—K. Crowley
  • 9th Prize: $100—A. St. Paul
  • 10th Prize: $100—S. Jones

Individual Top Sellers for 2019

  1. Sophomore: Madison Hogeveen—raised $2,850
  2. Freshman: Easton Gotts—raised $1,400
  3. Junior: Nicholas Warren—raised $1,000
  4. Senior: Gavin Delrose—raised $940
  5. Sophomore: John Serritella—raised $860

Top Family Sellers

  1. The Kozol Family (Mikayla and Brooklyn)—raised $3,000
  2. The Santschi Family (Anna and Cecilia)—raised $1,600
  3. The Laakson Family (Justin and Joshua)—raised $1,290
  4. The Bucciferro Family (Dominic and Julia)—raised $1,100
  5. The Lab Family (Abigail and Connor)—raised $1,010