Road to Reality


Kate Koszulinski ‘21

Providence recently put on their second “Road to Reality”. This program aims to illustrate the very real consequences that come from driving under the influence, and the power we have within our choices. Students and guests were guided through several scenes that were put on by volunteers, from our own community and the surrounding community. As tours were given through a party scene, accident site, hospital, court room, jail cell, and finishing with the coroner’s office; real accounts from nurses, officers and others were given to further emphasize the impact of something that can ruin lives such as drinking and driving.

The jail scene was one of the many scenes that many have found to be the most impactful. In this scene senior Ashley Cairo delivered a monologue in which the character, jailed for her actions, reflects on her choices and the rest of her life. Junior Emma O’Brien commented: “It just seemed so real. The jail scene was such a different perspective on how her life was ruined.” In addition to this, many found second scene in the hospital to be striking- viewing the parental point of view. “I think the hospital was the most impactful just because of the fact that we could picture our parents being in that situation and it hurts to see that we could have potentially done something like that if we made those poor choices,” Junior Natalie Batshon writes. Other students commented that “…the overall experience had an impact on me, especially the scene with the train and seeing all of those people hit. The emergency room along with the court case left a mark because it really shows you what goes on behind the scenes and consequences that you could face;” (Junior Nell McCabe) and Road to Reality was made more real because “…it was horrifying to see my best friends lying on the ground acting that they were dead;” (Junior Natalie McGrath).

Road to Reality created the opportunity for students to face and understand the consequences without going through it themselves, having a successful night that left a lasting impression on their audience.