Procrastination- A Short Story


Olivia Pandolfi '20, staff writer

“Okay, it’s Monday, and we have a big chapter test on Friday. I am letting you know now so you have enough time to prepare.” Mary’s history teacher had just made an announcement to the class about what happened to be the end of the quarter test, which would determine her quarter grade. Most students would probably be nervous, but Mary was not. She had four whole nights to study, and no extracurriculars in the evening. There was no worry.

When she got home that Monday, following her after school activities, her parents had food on the table. Dinner time was always an event that took up most of the night, Mary’s parents never seemed to stop talking and asking questions. As it was getting dark outside, Mary told her family she had to go upstairs to study. When she walked up the stairs there was a text from her best friend, who she ended up on facetime with for three hours. She could not study this late; she would not retain any information. It was no big deal; the test was not until Friday.

The same events repeated on Tuesday, but this time, instead of studying when she meant to, she went over to her friend’s house.  She made the decision to hang out with her friend because there was no worry.  She didn’t have a test tomorrow, there was no worry.

On Wednesday, Mary got swamped with a ton of other homework. By the time she finished every item on her planner, it was very late. She was not motivated to study for her upcoming big history test. Therefore, she decided to watch some tv and go to sleep. It was okay, the test was not for another two days, she could study tomorrow.

Soon Thursday came, which was the night before the test. Mary had not studied at all. Her phone vibrated, and she looked down to see a reminder from her teacher about the history test.

“Thanks for the reminder…” She said to herself. It was definitely too late.