Black History Month


Megan Weinstock '23, staff writer

February is Black History Month. It is important to look at the ways that black people changed the world, because often we do not learn as much as we should about the great inventions and moments in history in which black citizens had an impact on. It is very important that we honor all these people who changed the world but don’t always get the recognition that they deserve.

Some of these people include Garrett Morgan, who invented an early version of a gas mask and the traffic light, Shirley Chrisholm who was known for being the first black congresswomen to represent New York, and Alexander Miles, who invented automatically opening and closing elevator doors. In many cases accomplished people like this often were deprived of credit for their accomplishments simply because they were black. One example of this is Alexander Miles. He invented the automatic elevator door, but John W Meaker, a white man, received the patent for it.

It is also important that the struggles that black people face are thought about and remembered. Providence has been reminding the students and staff of the school how important it is to remember this. One group that had been trying to raise awareness is IALAC 2.0, a student acceptance and inclusion group run by Ms. Hamdan. This group has been doing this by going into the Celtic time classes to discuss the important issues of discrimination and honoring the heritage of the students. The members of IALAC 2.0 were correct in pointing out the importance of Black History Month.