September Horoscopes


Tabatha Shirley '23, staff writer

What is in store for this September in your school life?

Virgo – Has there been a lot on your mind lately? This is normal if you are overwhelmed with school, and you will be surprised when you realize that is exactly where your mind should be. You need to push focus into your inner mind and be confident on the outside. How you act on the outside can change how you feel on the inside. Once Virgo season is out of reach, you will understand that you became your most authentic self this summer and learn to bring that energy later into the school year. This fall season is going to be filled with opportunities for you to shine bright inside and outside the classroom.

Aries – Lucky duck, your sign will be in Jupiter until October 28th, and this luck only comes once every 12 years. Many opportunities will be coming to Aries, and every aspect of your life will be abundant and glowing. Remember, life can get busy and heavy, but you must take time for yourself and reset now and then. Later in life, you will look back and see how far you have come from this point on.

Taurus – The next few weeks will bring you love, creativity, and maybe even new friends. Make sure you look out for signs and keep your creative mind open. This is a great time to start socializing and taking on creative projects. Mars is retrograde until October and stays in your astrological chart until March. This is a perfect window of time to better yourself, your mental health, and your social battery. All your hard work will be paid off financially, and you are making significant progress toward your goals in life.

Gemini – Are you excited about this fall season? You have been waiting for the upcoming season to do things differently than last year. What is better than a cozy fall with sweaters, warm drinks, changing colors, and fall activities? This feeling will also charge your mental creativity and help you accomplish all your schoolwork and projects. You may feel a slight change in energy because this is Mars’ way of releasing negative thoughts and helping you visualize your goals in life.

Cancer – Finances have been your main priority. You are Edgar and interested in working towards a financially successful life, and your schoolwork can help you balance this aspect of your life in the future. This good money energy may bring you the confidence you did not know you had. Use your inner intuition to guide you to successful work habits. When you find the right balance, you will know.

Leo – You are the star, and your energy is radiation on the inside and out. Your authenticity is shining, and there is no better time than this school year to let it show. This is a perfect time to set your grade goals and plan what you want and deserve this month. Maybe you are in between decisions right now. Leap and pick the choice your gut is telling you to pick. Seniors, are you debating a college application? Take the risk and apply. You never know what outcome will come if you never try.

Libra – Has your social battery been running low? Maybe you should consider a little alone time this month. We all know you are a social butterfly, but we need time for some mental rest and relaxation. The sun moved into your spiritual house on September 12th, which may explain the change in energy. This may lead to self-discovery and self-reflection time. Try to use this time to your advantage and improve yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Scorpio – Have the last couple of weeks felt rushed? That is the sun moving through your chart since July 22nd. This energy will be magnified when Venus comes into play later in August. Surrounding yourself with good friends might help you eliminate some of that extra negativity energy. As we continue into September, you will find more stability and balance in your life. Although your workload might feel heavier, you will overcome this feeling and strive for balance in your life. This fall is going to be the season of living healthier mental health and coping mechanisms.

Sagittarius – This past summer, you have been in your prime. You explored and took each opportunity granted to you. This energy will continue for a couple more weeks. Take advantage of this time coming up. Venus is helping you find beauty and positivity in the earth around you and in school. Mercury is building a path for you to make new connections and start new conversations. This is a fantastic opportunity to say yes to more decisions you may not have made prior. Relax for as long as you can before your workload builds back up.

Capricorn  – Self-worth has been a significant priority since December 2020. Saturn is helping you create security and stability. You value yourself as much as you let others value you, and this helps you as you transition into a young adult. You will learn a lot this school year and are in the perfect mindset to take in all that will be given to you. Sometimes it’s essential to step back and see how everything is coming together.

Aquarius – Saturn is pushing you to stay rooted in authenticity even though love may be in the air. You are unique and outgoing, which makes this month perfect for sharing it with the people around you. You are strengthening your values and staying connected to your morals. Letting yourself be creative and letting your mind explore can lead to new opportunities.

Pisces – This summer seemed busier than you would have liked it. These past couple of weeks may have caused little activity in your work and health. Venus and the sun are bringing you new projects that will begin in mid-September. Make sure you are recharging your body and maintaining your energy. Taking mind breaks is essential this month as you begin to get back into your schoolwork load. Your goal this month will be balancing your school and work.

Take what resonates with you and leave what does not. Everything is intended to be taken with positivity and love. Happy September!