Current Events

Celia Minonne ‘26, staff writer

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain died at the age of ninety-six, and her funeral was held on September 19, 2022. For many students at Providence, this probably doesn’t seem too big of a deal. However, there is an excellent reason to take note of this. Queen Elizabeth has been reigning as Britain’s monarch for seventy years. She has been the Queen of every Providence student’s entire life. She has been Queen for many students’ parents’ and grandparents’ real lives. Events that haven’t been seen for decades are taking place, and people living now are lucky to see how everything will play out, as well as the impact Queen Elizabeth left on her people and the world.

While Great Britain’s monarchy no longer holds any political power over the country, the Queen and the rest of the royal family are actual figures for many people in and out of the country. People waited in a line that was two and a half miles long to pay their respects to her. Just the same, some people have ill feelings towards the country’s monarchy. They may have bad intentions while visiting the Queen for the last time. Therefore, security around the Queen and her family, as well as the countless other world leaders visiting, is tight. Ten thousand police officers are on duty, along with reinforcements, volunteers, and armed forces members. Numerous other precautions have also been put in place, such as having police dogs on the streets and temporarily banning drones. The country does not want to take any chances.

Along with the funeral, another event that one can see is the coronation of now King Charles III. King Charles is currently seventy-three years old, and his coronation will be the first in seventy years. It is currently unknown when this event will take place. All these events will be recorded in high quality, which means everyone worldwide will be able to witness this. Generations will be able to watch this all occur like never before. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a tragic event for many, and it marks a special time in history.