It is Time to Get Binge-Watching: The 3 Best Shows to Binge as New Seasons Come Out

Michael Giacomo '25, staff writer

When I have some extra time on the weekends, I always crave something new to watch. I have recently found that many of my favorite shows have been releasing new seasons. I have been preparing to binge-watch these shows, but then I decided, why not share them with the Providence community? Here are three shows releasing new seasons that are worth binging.

  1. Stargirl

In a previous article, I mentioned Stargirl. This show is too good not to mention again. I was so excited when I learned that season three was released on the CW. This show shows the development of a young teenager who receives a staff that gives her the powers of Starman. She becomes Stargirl under the training of a superhero sidekick and her stepfather, Pat. She encounters many DC villains that the superhero community knows and loves. This show is fantastic, and I highly recommend watching all three seasons. You can find this show on the CW or the CW app.

  1. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

I am going to be perfectly honest with you. At first, I felt like I would not like this show. I felt this show bore me, but I was bored, so I watched it. I fell in love with the show as soon as I started watching it. The show is about an on-and-off relationship between a musical girl and a skater boy, who joins the musical to try and win her heart. There is a perfect amount of music, romance, and drama. Also, I love how Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett play the main characters. Their acting is superb. This show is also in season three and is worth watching. You can find this show on Disney+.

  1. Classroom of the Elite

This is an anime that was just recently released, and season two was just released. I honestly was not sure about this anime because it sounded fascinating but also seemed somewhat dull at the same time. However, I was bored again and had nothing better to do over the summer, so I watched it. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It is about students in the lowest class of a Japanese government school but leads into a whole storyline of deception, bribery, and lies. The first few episodes were all right; nothing exceptional happened. The last couple of episodes were fantastic, and I am excited to watch season two finally. You can find this show on Crunchyroll or Netflix.

There you have it. These are the three shows I highly recommend binge-watching. I hope this helped you find shows to binge-watch in your spare time. I cannot wait to see what these three shows have for their viewers in the future.