Welcome New Faculty

Megan Weinstock '23, staff writer

The Providence Catholic community has been very excited to welcome new members into the community. This excitement is shown as the freshman, transfer students, and the new Faculty are welcomed. Some of these staff members include Mr. Baltzer, the new band director, Ms. Sparano, a new addition to the science department, Mrs. Killoran, and Mrs. Kettwig, who work in the Celtic Learning Center. Some of these teachers were questioned about how they are adjusting to the Providence Catholic Family. All reported that their transition has been made easy and they have felt welcomed by the teachers and students alike. For example, Ms. Sparano said, “I just started here, but I feel like I’ve been here for years.” Everyone was very welcoming to her. Mrs. Killoran agrees saying that, everyone has been super fun and friendly and everyone has been willing to help her learn the ropes. To allow the students to better get to know them, these teachers shared a few fun facts about themselves and about what they did before PCHS. Ms. Sparano wanted to share that she is double jointed, and she went to Lewis University for college. Mrs. Kettwig thought that her students should know that she likes riddles, enough to put one on her board every day, and she also graduated from Providence and many of the teachers she had still teach here. Finally, Mrs. Killoran wanted to share that she plays soccer every week with some other parents and before she came to Providence she taught at both a middle school and a college, before finally landing in a high school. Overall, the teachers at PCHS old and new have a lot to share both in the classroom and outside of it. They have a lot to share about themselves and are very excited to learn more about the other teachers and students through the Providence Catholic Community.