BOO! Six Creative Ideas for Your Next Halloween Costume

BOO! Six Creative Ideas for Your Next Halloween Costume

Michael Giacomo ’25, staff writer

Halloween is just around the corner. Choosing a Halloween costume to impress your friends and family can sometimes be stressful. Here are some ideas on unique costumes that will be sure to steal the show at your next Halloween party.


Wanda Maximoff: The superhero Wanda is very stunning, so she is a great option to dress up as for Halloween. She is also straightforward; all you need is a deep red leather jacket and a red shirt. Add some black pants and black leather boots to tie off the look. Wanda is a fantastic character and would steal the show at a Halloween party.

Wildcat: DC’s Wildcat is a perfect, easy costume to go to a Halloween party as. All you need is a black, long sleeve shirt and some black sweatpants, jeans, or leggings. Add black shoes, gloves, and a black cat mask to finish the costume. To make the outfit stand out, try adding boxing gloves or bandages to the hands to show Wildcat’s boxing characteristics. The JSA’s Wildcat would be a show-stopping costume at your next Halloween gathering.


Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins is a loved character in her Disney movie series. A Mary Poppins costume has a very traditional and beautiful look. To make this costume, find a navy-blue suit jacket or dress coat, a navy-blue skirt, and a white dress shirt. Then, add a black, wide-brim bowler hat, a black umbrella, and a dark-colored purse. Add a red scarf and some black boots to tie the look together. A Mary Poppins costume will indeed have you winning a costume contest.

King Triton: King Triton is a super cool character from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. This character would also be cool to dress up as. First, find a gold crown and long white or gray beard at your house, Walmart, Party City, or any place selling costume apparel. Then, you may wear blue or green pants as the tail. For extra detail, attach painted cardboard fins to the pants to give them more of a tail vibe. Then, tie the costume together with a trident. You will be the most extraordinary ocean ruler at your Halloween party.


Witch: Everyone loves a good traditional witch costume. However, to be a little unique, try dressing up like a witch from the 1600s. First, find a black witch hat, a black belt, and a broomstick, which will give off the appearance of a witch. For the 1600s look, find a white dress shirt and put a long dress of any dark color (red, black, navy, etc.) over the dress shirt. This simple, classy look will make you stand out at a Halloween party.

Skeleton: A skeleton can often be a tedious and typical costume, but what about a spiffy skeleton? First, grab a skeleton mask and a top hat. Then, grab a suit jacket or long dress coat and add it to dress pants and a dress shirt with the color of your choice. Then, it would help if you had a tie and a fancy-looking staff to finish the costume. This stylish costume will surely make you unique at your Halloween gathering.

There you have six fantastic costume ideas that can help you dress up uniquely for a Halloween costume. If you need more help finding an outfit, scroll through social media or Google images, which will be helpful.