Tis’ the Season for Weather Changes


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Lively closeup of falling autumn leaves with vibrant backlight from the setting sun

Molly Parham ‘23, staff writer

As we approach the end of October and the start of November, it is clear that winter is around the corner. With the frost returning to our car windows every morning and the countless leaves on the road, the crisp fall air is back.

This year the leaves are as bright as ever. The forest preserves and New Lenox trees have officially switched to their fall colors. Bright oranges, vibrant reds, and warm yellows line the streets. Driving through the forest preserve has never been as picturesque as during the fall season. The comfortable temperatures are perfect pumpkin patch weather, warm enough not to need a hat but cool enough for a sweater. This time of year feels so timeless and memorable and teases at the winter on its way.

Winters in the Chicagoland area are infamous. Icy roads, bitter colds, and frost warnings are negatively associated with them. However, winter is truly one of the best times around here. With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, a little snow sounds lovely. There is nothing like a cozy November night spent inside, putting up the holiday décor and avoiding the bitter cold outside. Sure, the fall temperatures are great, and the summer sunsets will be missed, but there is something about the excitement winter brings. Yes, you may have to wear a hat and scarf, but you’re walking with hot cocoa in hand. Although you’re driving on ice and must heat your car before school, you finally have Mariah Carey Christmas songs on your aux.

So, while winter may seem like a negative, it is crucial to focus on the positive and get excited for the snowy season that is on its way, and remember, 72 days till Christmas!