Super Celtic Shadow Day Update


Tabatha Shirley '23, staff writer

This past Friday, October 7th, was our annual Super Celtic Shadow Day. This year we had just under three hundred kids shadowing. During this time, sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students follow a selected student through their typical day at school. This day allows students to experience a day at Providence before making their final decision. Along with following a student through their day, they got to experience our homecoming assembly, a fan-favorite lunch, and a tour of our school.

Shadowing can benefit students in more ways than one. One benefit to shadowing is getting used to our hallways and having more people in school. A private middle school can have up to 100 kids per grade. Changing to high school might be a rough transition if they are not exposed to it. Another benefit is meeting our lovely staff and faculty. Each shadow gets introduced to their shadow host’s teachers. The staff member then introduces themselves, and the shadow gets a good impression of their appearance. This may help new students become more comfortable asking teachers for help around campus if they already know them. Lastly, a great benefit of shadowing is meeting future Celtics. It is prevalent that many kids will make friends while shadowing. They will learn a little about them and meet people from other grade schools.

Providence is very welcoming and a great school to get used to. We offer more than just shadow days to get out middle schoolers involved. Providence offers Junior High Nights for each sport we have in season. This allows them to meet coaches and players and watch one of the games. If sports are not your thing, we had an activity fair during lunch where shadows could meet students from each club. They got to ask questions and meet the moderators of each club they were interested in. All in all, the Super Celtic Shadow days are beneficial to incoming students in many ways.