Faculty Highlight – Mrs. DeVries


Sophia Bastas '24, staff writer

For this month’s faculty highlight, Mrs. DeVries seemed the perfect candidate! Mrs. Devries, also known as ‘Profe,’ is the chair of the World Language Department at Providence. She is a fantastic Spanish teacher and has become a favorite among the faculty and staff! Multiple students have stated that they love her class and have greatly improved in the language! One way that Spanish students have improved in her class is during the five-minute reading time. Mrs. DeVries starts a five-minute timer at the start of each period, and students select a book from the shelf to read for the five-minute period. There are multiple levels of books, from easy to more challenging. Mrs. DeVries also uses a lot of partner work in her classroom and many fun Spanish games! Along with being an enjoyable teacher, she is also a very kind and welcoming teacher. She lets all her students know that she is always there if they need help and interacts with her students frequently (in and out of class). Mrs. DeVries is a great teacher, and it is so lovely to have her at Providence!