Grade Check


Megan Weinstock '23, staff writer

It is prevalent for teenagers to get overwhelmed by balancing their assignments, sports and extracurriculars, family matters, and friend drama. Through all this chaos, someone’s GPA can start to slip. This article will help to explain how to prevent this stress before it happens and how to deal with it appropriately. The junior and senior counselors were asked how students can best avoid stress before it starts and why we are more easily stressed out at the beginning of the new semester. They were also asked how teenagers can better cope with stress and how to prevent it in the future. According to Mr. Murphy, staying organized is the best way to avoid stress before it happens. This can come from making to-do lists, setting alarms and reminders on your phone, or using your school planner. When asked why this time of year can be more stressful, Mr. Palmasani said that many students have many events and activities that can lead to kids spreading themselves so thin. It is crucial to prioritize what needs to be done first. Many people, especially high schoolers, struggle to cope with stress. Mr. Murphy explained the importance of taking time away from the “important” things to spend time with friends and loved ones to help keep their stress levels down. Mr. Palmasani encouraged people to take things in small amounts, so people feel more relaxed.