Providence Sports – Hockey and Lacrosse


Devan Reynolds, staff writer

The winter sports at Providence have had incredible seasons, with the hockey team ending their challenging seasons at both State and the Kennedy Cup. They lost the second game against St. Ignatius in double overtime at the Kennedy Cup and lost to them again at State. Even though they could not pull through with a win, these athletes had to endure many hardships during all their games, and they put up a great battle until the end. The team played their best game every game, showing school spirit and love for the sport. Personally, hockey is my family’s favorite sport and watching Providence’s team only makes us love the sport more.

However, the end of the hockey season marks the beginning of most spring sports. Most hockey players turn to a sport that is in many ways similar to hockey, lacrosse! It is like hockey, except it is played on a field with a ball instead of a puck. Both sports have sticks, but instead of passing the puck back and forth on the slippery ice, the ball is passed in the air between sticks with small nets attached to the top end. At first, it is hard to handle the ball, but since its layout is similar to hockey, most boys join the team after their season ends. It is a great way to stay in shape during the off-season.

Lacrosse has a fascinating history as well. While this sport may be new to the Midwest, it has been played by the Iroquois people up in Canada since before Christopher Columbus made his voyage to America. It is very popular on the East Coast and is becoming popular in our area today. The Girls Lacrosse Team at Providence was founded in 2021 with few players, but our team has grown significantly. As a member of the Girls’ Lacrosse team, I hope its popularity grows and reaches worldwide. It is a great sport to learn and super fun from the start.