What To Watch?


Rina Jeong '24

The long, ice-cold, freezing winter in Illinois officially ended as March came, and finally, the spring season opened. So, entering the new season, we have exciting TV shows and movies to consider watching to uplift our moods, perfect for the warmer, cozy weather. For the people who have already watched previous seasons and are a fan of it, Outer Banks season 3 has just been released on the screen. If you are still getting familiar with this show, it is about teenagers who live on the island treasure hunting for a significant amount of gold. If you prefer adventure and action genres, give them a try.

This writer is confident that everyone has watched Titanic once in their life, and if you are a big fan of Titanic, and even if you have never protected it due to lack of occasion, this is for you! One of the best romance movies, Titanic, is back on the movie screen, re-released for 3D 4K HDR. So, it is time to bring your friends or family to the movie theater to have a movie night together and to warm your hearts with a lovely, storytelling, and touching film. Moreover, to Marvel’s huge fans, a new movie for Ant-man has come out already!-Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. It is still on screen, so take advantage of it when you can! Finally, if you are a fan of Bentley Little, one of the most prolific horror fiction authors, consider watching The Consultant. This TV series is based on his 2016 novel The Consultant. Except for all these recommendations, countless TV series and movies are worth watching, so trying them is highly recommended.