Historical Movies You Must Watch


Michael Giacomo ’25, staff writer

Many historical movies have been created to recognize historical events and periods. Here are two great movies to watch in your spare time during summer vacation.

The Patriot

This movie is an excellent movie centering around the American Revolution. Benjamin Martin is a southern farmer who opposes the war. When his son enlists, anger is stirred up in the family. When Col. Tavington kills Benjamin’s son, Benjamin enlists in the militia and leads his militia to countless victories. This movie is very well written and produced. If you are looking for a more historically accurate film, this may not be for you due to many false ideas. The action is excellent, and the overall message is clear. Also, you will hate Tavington by the end of the movie.


This movie is also fantastic but centered around World War II instead. A navy ship intercepts a damaged U-boat to receive an Enigma coder. On the U-boat, they are attacked by an opposing U-boat, stranding the Americans at sea. The soldiers go through many troubles and encounter many Nazis ships. This movie is very suspenseful and has much action. You will fall in love with many characters and want to see what happens. This is a great movie that is accurate. I highly recommend it.

There you have it. Two significant historical movies you should watch over summer vacation. Have a great break!