College Choice


Rina Jeong '24, staff writer

The final college decision day ended on May 1, and seniors are committed to the college they want. This year our seniors, the class of 2023, are sharing their college decisions on their social media. If you want to see which colleges the seniors of Providence will attend starting this fall, visit their Instagram page @pchs.decisions2023. Among many colleges they are going to be attending, some of them are Illinois State University, University of St. Francis, University of Alabama, University of Kansas, University of Kentucky, Miami University, Saint Louis University, University of Illinois, University of Dayton, Marquette University, and DePaul University. It is sad to say goodbye to our seniors, but we should congratulate them on their hard work throughout high school and wish them good luck for their new start. For the students who still need to graduate and have more years left in Providence, especially juniors, who are finally entering the college application season soon, here is some advice from the seniors. “Do not follow your friends for college; follow what you pursue and what you truly want.” “Do your common app essay over the summer. “You may think you will have lots of time during the senior school year, but you don’t.” “Be creative about your essay and try to look in different ways. Be out of pocket and think outside of the box!” “Do not trauma dump and go too deep in your essay.” As seniors’ advice is from their honest experience, it would help people new to preparing for college in many ways, so it is recommended to take their advice. Juniors, do not be scared about college, but be prepared for next year.