Reagan Sincak took 1st place in Tennis!

Sophia Thormeyer, staff writer

Junior Reagan Sincak recently took 1st place in 1st singles at the Oak Forest quad. As a Varsity athlete on the Providence Girls’ Tennis team, Reagan shared some of her goals and memories as a tennis athlete. Reagan started playing tennis when she was only seven years old. What makes Reagan competitive is her drive to implement all the training that she has put in during the offseason and to prove that it has made her a better player. She is driven by her coaches, who put a lot of effort into her training, and she wants to make them proud, along with her parents. Reagan’s favorite memory happened during this current season when their team won the Oak Forest quad, and she won her division. She has the same routine every time she serves, and if she messes it up, she has to restart. For example, she says the score and bounces the ball three times before every serve. Reagan’s goals for this season are to play to the best of her ability and to hopefully make it to state!