Megan Weinstock '23, staff writer

All teachers here at PCHS deserve a special shoutout because of what they do for the students; however, this month’s special shoutout resides in the social studies department. This special shoutout goes to Coach Ditzler. When his current and previous students were asked about things that touched them most m him or the classes he has taught, the responses were overwhelmingly positive. One student said, “his lessons have always been super captivating.” A current senior who had Coach Ditz his sophomore year can still recall when Coach Ditz would tie in a meme to the lesson every Monday. Many other former students said he never failed to bring a smile to their faces by keeping class light and telling jokes or being unapologetically himself. However, he is not only known for these things but also for being very dents and accommodating when they may be struggling. Overall, Coach Ditz has changed the lives of many of the students from PCHS.   Photo: Coach Ditz (left) is pictured with friend and fellow Social Studies teacher Tom Lenahan (right).