New Year’s Resolutions


Devan Reynolds '24, staff writer

As the season of Christmas comes and goes, with December close behind, we think about all that we have accomplished in this incredible year. We have done so much both as a community and as an individual. Everyone, from students to staff, has a right to be proud of what they’ve done to better themselves and others over the year. Although it’s easy for us to reminisce on the fond memories and successes of the past, we must reflect on the shortcomings we may have faced along the way. This is where the concept of New Year’s Resolutions comes into play. They are simple guides we make to better ourselves and the world around us. We, here at Providence, may have many resolutions and goals. The students may have plans to pass their exams, excel in their sports, and make up for a lost friend or two. The staff may have goals to help students shine, lighten the school’s atmosphere, and make incoming students feel prepared and welcomed. Everyone at Providence will celebrate the new year in hopes of changing themselves for the better over the years to come. As for me, my goals are similar. My resolution for 2023 is to get into shape, both physically and mentally, and prepare myself for the school-up incoming girls’ lacrosse season. I would also like to become more of an open and joyous person to my friends and family. Providence’s goals will spark change in the community in and out of school. I hope for a community that stands up for what it is, a community that is not afraid to express itself, and a community that we can call our own.